Sunday, 1 May 2011

Latest HTC 7 Pro Phone

HTC 7 Pro keyboard itself consists of five rows, with devoted number buttons and a variety of secondary characters triggered with the purpose key. HTC chose to give an emoticon shortcut its own devoted button to the left of the spacebar; we’d rather have that for the@ symbol. Unlike HTC’s bodily keyboard phones organization Windows Mobile or Android, there are no app shortcuts. A button to at least get to the mail app would’ve been helpful.HTC 7 Pro procedures in at a thick 117.5 x 59 x 15.5 mm and 185g, finished in sturdy plastic with metal touches like the succession door. Of course, the main bulk is because of the slide-out corporeal keyboard, triggered with a solid shove on the left border. It flicks out – and angles the screen robotically – with a convincing snap, and the device feels as comforting as the rest of the phone.

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